3D-Speaker: A Large-Scale Multi-Device, Multi-Distance, and Multi-Dialect Corpus for Speech Representation Disentanglement

by   Siqi Zheng, et al.
Alibaba Group

Disentangling uncorrelated information in speech utterances is a crucial research topic within speech community. Different speech-related tasks focus on extracting distinct speech representations while minimizing the affects of other uncorrelated information. We present a large-scale speech corpus to facilitate the research of speech representation disentanglement. 3D-Speaker contains over 10,000 speakers, each of whom are simultaneously recorded by multiple Devices, locating at different Distances, and some speakers are speaking multiple Dialects. The controlled combinations of multi-dimensional audio data yield a matrix of a diverse blend of speech representation entanglement, thereby motivating intriguing methods to untangle them. The multi-domain nature of 3D-Speaker also makes it a suitable resource to evaluate large universal speech models and experiment methods of out-of-domain learning and self-supervised learning. https://3dspeaker.github.io/


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