A ChatGPT Aided Explainable Framework for Zero-Shot Medical Image Diagnosis

by   Jiaxiang Liu, et al.

Zero-shot medical image classification is a critical process in real-world scenarios where we have limited access to all possible diseases or large-scale annotated data. It involves computing similarity scores between a query medical image and possible disease categories to determine the diagnostic result. Recent advances in pretrained vision-language models (VLMs) such as CLIP have shown great performance for zero-shot natural image recognition and exhibit benefits in medical applications. However, an explainable zero-shot medical image recognition framework with promising performance is yet under development. In this paper, we propose a novel CLIP-based zero-shot medical image classification framework supplemented with ChatGPT for explainable diagnosis, mimicking the diagnostic process performed by human experts. The key idea is to query large language models (LLMs) with category names to automatically generate additional cues and knowledge, such as disease symptoms or descriptions other than a single category name, to help provide more accurate and explainable diagnosis in CLIP. We further design specific prompts to enhance the quality of generated texts by ChatGPT that describe visual medical features. Extensive results on one private dataset and four public datasets along with detailed analysis demonstrate the effectiveness and explainability of our training-free zero-shot diagnosis pipeline, corroborating the great potential of VLMs and LLMs for medical applications.


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