A Comprehensive Survey of Data Augmentation in Visual Reinforcement Learning

by   Guozheng Ma, et al.
The University of Sydney
Tsinghua University

Visual reinforcement learning (RL), which makes decisions directly from high-dimensional visual inputs, has demonstrated significant potential in various domains. However, deploying visual RL techniques in the real world remains challenging due to their low sample efficiency and large generalization gaps. To tackle these obstacles, data augmentation (DA) has become a widely used technique in visual RL for acquiring sample-efficient and generalizable policies by diversifying the training data. This survey aims to provide a timely and essential review of DA techniques in visual RL in recognition of the thriving development in this field. In particular, we propose a unified framework for analyzing visual RL and understanding the role of DA in it. We then present a principled taxonomy of the existing augmentation techniques used in visual RL and conduct an in-depth discussion on how to better leverage augmented data in different scenarios. Moreover, we report a systematic empirical evaluation of DA-based techniques in visual RL and conclude by highlighting the directions for future research. As the first comprehensive survey of DA in visual RL, this work is expected to offer valuable guidance to this emerging field.


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