A Comprehensive Survey on Video Saliency Detection with Auditory Information: the Audio-visual Consistency Perceptual is the Key!

by   Chenglizhao Chen, et al.

Video saliency detection (VSD) aims at fast locating the most attractive objects/things/patterns in a given video clip. Existing VSD-related works have mainly relied on the visual system but paid less attention to the audio aspect, while, actually, our audio system is the most vital complementary part to our visual system. Also, audio-visual saliency detection (AVSD), one of the most representative research topics for mimicking human perceptual mechanisms, is currently in its infancy, and none of the existing survey papers have touched on it, especially from the perspective of saliency detection. Thus, the ultimate goal of this paper is to provide an extensive review to bridge the gap between audio-visual fusion and saliency detection. In addition, as another highlight of this review, we have provided a deep insight into key factors which could directly determine the performances of AVSD deep models, and we claim that the audio-visual consistency degree (AVC) – a long-overlooked issue, can directly influence the effectiveness of using audio to benefit its visual counterpart when performing saliency detection. Moreover, in order to make the AVC issue more practical and valuable for future followers, we have newly equipped almost all existing publicly available AVSD datasets with additional frame-wise AVC labels. Based on these upgraded datasets, we have conducted extensive quantitative evaluations to ground our claim on the importance of AVC in the AVSD task. In a word, both our ideas and new sets serve as a convenient platform with preliminaries and guidelines, all of which are very potential to facilitate future works in promoting state-of-the-art (SOTA) performance further.


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