A Comprehensive Survey with Quantitative Comparison of Image Analysis Methods for Microorganism Biovolume Measurements

by   Jiawei Zhang, et al.

With the acceleration of urbanization and living standards, microorganisms play increasingly important roles in industrial production, bio-technique, and food safety testing. Microorganism biovolume measurements are one of the essential parts of microbial analysis. However, traditional manual measurement methods are time-consuming and challenging to measure the characteristics precisely. With the development of digital image processing techniques, the characteristics of the microbial population can be detected and quantified. The changing trend can be adjusted in time and provided a basis for the improvement. The applications of the microorganism biovolume measurement method have developed since the 1980s. More than 60 articles are reviewed in this study, and the articles are grouped by digital image segmentation methods with periods. This study has high research significance and application value, which can be referred to microbial researchers to have a comprehensive understanding of microorganism biovolume measurements using digital image analysis methods and potential applications.


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