A Fair Comparison of Graph Neural Networks for Graph Classification

by   Federico Errica, et al.

Experimental reproducibility and replicability is a critical topic in machine learning. Authors have often raised concerns about such scholarship issues, which are aimed at improving the quality of the field. Recently, the graph representation learning field has attracted the attention of a wide research community, which resulted in a large stream of works. As such, several Graph Neural Network models have been developed to effectively tackle graph classification. However, experimental procedures often lack rigorousness and are hardly reproducible. Motivated by this, we provide an overview of common practices that should be avoided to fairly compare with the state of the art. To counter this troubling trend, we ran more than 47000 experiments in a controlled and uniform framework to re-evaluate five popular models across nine common benchmarks. Moreover, by comparing GNNs with structure-agnostic baselines we provide convincing evidence that, on some datasets, structural information has not been exploited yet. We believe that this work can contribute to the development of the graph learning field, by providing a much needed grounding for rigorous evaluations of graph classification models.


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