A Framework for Approximation Schemes on Disk Graphs

by   Daniel Lokshtanov, et al.

We initiate a systematic study of approximation schemes for fundamental optimization problems on disk graphs, a common generalization of both planar graphs and unit-disk graphs. Our main contribution is a general framework for designing efficient polynomial-time approximation schemes (EPTASes) for vertex-deletion problems on disk graphs, which results in EPTASes for many problems including Vertex Cover, Feedback Vertex Set, Small Cycle Hitting (in particular, Triangle Hitting), P_k-Hitting for k∈{3,4,5}, Path Deletion, Pathwidth 1-Deletion, Component Order Connectivity, Bounded Degree Deletion, Pseudoforest Deletion, Finite-Type Component Deletion, etc. All EPTASes obtained using our framework are robust in the sense that they do not require a realization of the input graph. To the best of our knowledge, prior to this work, the only problems known to admit (E)PTASes on disk graphs are Maximum Clique, Independent Set, Dominating set, and Vertex Cover, among which the existing PTAS [Erlebach et al., SICOMP'05] and EPTAS [Leeuwen, SWAT'06] for Vertex Cover require a realization of the input disk graph (while ours does not). The core of our framework is a reduction for a broad class of (approximation) vertex-deletion problems from (general) disk graphs to disk graphs of bounded local radius, which is a new invariant of disk graphs introduced in this work. Disk graphs of bounded local radius can be viewed as a mild generalization of planar graphs, which preserves certain nice properties of planar graphs. Specifically, we prove that disk graphs of bounded local radius admit the Excluded Grid Minor property and have locally bounded treewidth. This allows existing techniques for designing approximation schemes on planar graphs (e.g., bidimensionality and Baker's technique) to be directly applied to disk graphs of bounded local radius.


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