A Framework for High-throughput Sequence Alignment using Real Processing-in-Memory Systems

by   Safaa Diab, et al.

Sequence alignment is a fundamentally memory bound computation whose performance in modern systems is limited by the memory bandwidth bottleneck. Processing-in-memory architectures alleviate this bottleneck by providing the memory with computing competencies. We propose Alignment-in-Memory (AIM), a framework for high-throughput sequence alignment using processing-in-memory, and evaluate it on UPMEM, the first publicly-available general-purpose programmable processing-in-memory system. Our evaluation shows that a real processing-in-memory system can substantially outperform server-grade multi-threaded CPU systems running at full-scale when performing sequence alignment for a wide variety of algorithms, read lengths, and edit distance thresholds. We hope that our findings inspire more work on creating and accelerating bioinformatics algorithms for such real processing-in-memory systems.


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AIM framework for high-throughput pairwise sequence alignment using processing-in-memory https://arxiv.org/abs/2208.01243

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