A framework for robotic arm pose estimation and movement prediction based on deep and extreme learning models

by   Iago Richard Rodrigues, et al.

Human-robot collaboration has gained a notable prominence in Industry 4.0, as the use of collaborative robots increases efficiency and productivity in the automation process. However, it is necessary to consider the use of mechanisms that increase security in these environments, as the literature reports that risk situations may exist in the context of human-robot collaboration. One of the strategies that can be adopted is the visual recognition of the collaboration environment using machine learning techniques, which can automatically identify what is happening in the scene and what may happen in the future. In this work, we are proposing a new framework that is capable of detecting robotic arm keypoints commonly used in Industry 4.0. In addition to detecting, the proposed framework is able to predict the future movement of these robotic arms, thus providing relevant information that can be considered in the recognition of the human-robot collaboration scenario. The proposed framework is based on deep and extreme learning machine techniques. Results show that the proposed framework is capable of detecting and predicting with low error, contributing to the mitigation of risks in human-robot collaboration.


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