A General Framework for Sample-Efficient Function Approximation in Reinforcement Learning

by   Zixiang Chen, et al.

With the increasing need for handling large state and action spaces, general function approximation has become a key technique in reinforcement learning (RL). In this paper, we propose a general framework that unifies model-based and model-free RL, and an Admissible Bellman Characterization (ABC) class that subsumes nearly all Markov Decision Process (MDP) models in the literature for tractable RL. We propose a novel estimation function with decomposable structural properties for optimization-based exploration and the functional eluder dimension as a complexity measure of the ABC class. Under our framework, a new sample-efficient algorithm namely OPtimization-based ExploRation with Approximation (OPERA) is proposed, achieving regret bounds that match or improve over the best-known results for a variety of MDP models. In particular, for MDPs with low Witness rank, under a slightly stronger assumption, OPERA improves the state-of-the-art sample complexity results by a factor of dH. Our framework provides a generic interface to design and analyze new RL models and algorithms.


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