A Hardware-Aware System for Accelerating Deep Neural Network Optimization

by   Anthony Sarah, et al.

Recent advances in Neural Architecture Search (NAS) which extract specialized hardware-aware configurations (a.k.a. "sub-networks") from a hardware-agnostic "super-network" have become increasingly popular. While considerable effort has been employed towards improving the first stage, namely, the training of the super-network, the search for derivative high-performing sub-networks is still largely under-explored. For example, some recent network morphism techniques allow a super-network to be trained once and then have hardware-specific networks extracted from it as needed. These methods decouple the super-network training from the sub-network search and thus decrease the computational burden of specializing to different hardware platforms. We propose a comprehensive system that automatically and efficiently finds sub-networks from a pre-trained super-network that are optimized to different performance metrics and hardware configurations. By combining novel search tactics and algorithms with intelligent use of predictors, we significantly decrease the time needed to find optimal sub-networks from a given super-network. Further, our approach does not require the super-network to be refined for the target task a priori, thus allowing it to interface with any super-network. We demonstrate through extensive experiments that our system works seamlessly with existing state-of-the-art super-network training methods in multiple domains. Moreover, we show how novel search tactics paired with evolutionary algorithms can accelerate the search process for ResNet50, MobileNetV3 and Transformer while maintaining objective space Pareto front diversity and demonstrate an 8x faster search result than the state-of-the-art Bayesian optimization WeakNAS approach.


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