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A Monte Carlo packing algorithm for poly-ellipsoids and its comparison with packing generation using Discrete Element Model

by   Boning Zhang, et al.

Granular material is showing very often in geotechnical engineering, petroleum engineering, material science and physics. The packings of the granular material play a very important role in their mechanical behaviors, such as stress-strain response, stability, permeability and so on. Although packing is such an important research topic that its generation has been attracted lots of attentions for a long time in theoretical, experimental, and numerical aspects, packing of granular material is still a difficult and active research topic, especially the generation of random packing of non-spherical particles. To this end, we will generate packings of same particles with same shapes, numbers, and same size distribution using geometry method and dynamic method, separately. Specifically, we will extend one of Monte Carlo models for spheres to ellipsoids and poly-ellipsoids.


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