A Neural Corpus Indexer for Document Retrieval

by   Yujing Wang, et al.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tsinghua University

Current state-of-the-art document retrieval solutions mainly follow an index-retrieve paradigm, where the index is hard to be optimized for the final retrieval target. In this paper, we aim to show that an end-to-end deep neural network unifying training and indexing stages can significantly improve the recall performance of traditional methods. To this end, we propose Neural Corpus Indexer (NCI), a sequence-to-sequence network that generates relevant document identifiers directly for a designated query. To optimize the recall performance of NCI, we invent a prefix-aware weight-adaptive decoder architecture, and leverage tailored techniques including query generation, semantic document identifiers and consistency-based regularization. Empirical studies demonstrated the superiority of NCI on a commonly used academic benchmark, achieving +51.9 the best baseline.


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