A Study on various state of the art of the Art Face Recognition System using Deep Learning Techniques

by   Sukhada Chokkadi, et al.

Considering the existence of very large amount of available data repositories and reach to the very advanced system of hardware, systems meant for facial identification ave evolved enormously over the past few decades. Sketch recognition is one of the most important areas that have evolved as an integral component adopted by the agencies of law administration in current trends of forensic science. Matching of derived sketches to photo images of face is also a difficult assignment as the considered sketches are produced upon the verbal explanation depicted by the eye witness of the crime scene and may have scarcity of sensitive elements that exist in the photograph as one can accurately depict due to the natural human error. Substantial amount of the novel research work carried out in this area up late used recognition system through traditional extraction and classification models. But very recently, few researches work focused on using deep learning techniques to take an advantage of learning models for the feature extraction and classification to rule out potential domain challenges. The first part of this review paper basically focuses on deep learning techniques used in face recognition and matching which as improved the accuracy of face recognition technique with training of huge sets of data. This paper also includes a survey on different techniques used to match composite sketches to human images which includes component-based representation approach, automatic composite sketch recognition technique etc.


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