A super-smooth C^1 spline space over mixed triangle and quadrilateral meshes

by   Jan Grošelj, et al.

In this paper we introduce a C^1 spline space over mixed meshes composed of triangles and quadrilaterals. The space combines the Argyris triangle, cf. (Argyris, Fried, Scharpf; 1968), with the C^1 quadrilateral element introduced in (Brenner, Sung; 2005) and (Kapl, Sangalli, Takacs; 2019) for polynomial degrees p≥ 5. The space is assumed to be C^2 at all vertices and C^1 across edges, and the splines are uniquely determined by C^2-data at the vertices, values and normal derivatives at chosen points on the edges, and values at some additional points in the interior of the elements. The motivation for combining the Argyris triangle element with a recent C^1 quadrilateral construction, inspired by isogeometric analysis, is two-fold: On one hand, the ability to connect triangle and quadrilateral finite elements in a C^1 fashion is non-trivial and of theoretical interest. We provide not only approximation error bounds but also numerical tests verifying the results. On the other hand, the construction facilitates the meshing process by allowing more flexibility while remaining C^1 everywhere. This is for instance relevant when trimming of tensor-product B-splines is performed. In the presented construction we assume to have (bi)linear element mappings and piecewise polynomial function spaces of arbitrary degree p ≥ 5. The basis is simple to implement and the obtained results are optimal with respect to the mesh size for L^∞, L^2 as well as Sobolev norms H^1 and H^2.


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