A Survey on Video Action Recognition in Sports: Datasets, Methods and Applications

by   Fei Wu, et al.
Baidu, Inc.

To understand human behaviors, action recognition based on videos is a common approach. Compared with image-based action recognition, videos provide much more information. Reducing the ambiguity of actions and in the last decade, many works focused on datasets, novel models and learning approaches have improved video action recognition to a higher level. However, there are challenges and unsolved problems, in particular in sports analytics where data collection and labeling are more sophisticated, requiring sport professionals to annotate data. In addition, the actions could be extremely fast and it becomes difficult to recognize them. Moreover, in team sports like football and basketball, one action could involve multiple players, and to correctly recognize them, we need to analyse all players, which is relatively complicated. In this paper, we present a survey on video action recognition for sports analytics. We introduce more than ten types of sports, including team sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball, hockey and individual sports, such as figure skating, gymnastics, table tennis, tennis, diving and badminton. Then we compare numerous existing frameworks for sports analysis to present status quo of video action recognition in both team sports and individual sports. Finally, we discuss the challenges and unsolved problems in this area and to facilitate sports analytics, we develop a toolbox using PaddlePaddle, which supports football, basketball, table tennis and figure skating action recognition.


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