A Text-to-Speech Pipeline, Evaluation Methodology, and Initial Fine-Tuning Results for Child Speech Synthesis

by   Rishabh Jain, et al.

Speech synthesis has come a long way as current text-to-speech (TTS) models can now generate natural human-sounding speech. However, most of the TTS research focuses on using adult speech data and there has been very limited work done on child speech synthesis. This study developed and validated a training pipeline for fine-tuning state-of-the-art (SOTA) neural TTS models using child speech datasets. This approach adopts a multi-speaker TTS retuning workflow to provide a transfer-learning pipeline. A publicly available child speech dataset was cleaned to provide a smaller subset of approximately 19 hours, which formed the basis of our fine-tuning experiments. Both subjective and objective evaluations were performed using a pretrained MOSNet for objective evaluation and a novel subjective framework for mean opinion score (MOS) evaluations. Subjective evaluations achieved the MOS of 3.95 for speech intelligibility, 3.89 for voice naturalness, and 3.96 for voice consistency. Objective evaluation using a pretrained MOSNet showed a strong correlation between real and synthetic child voices. Speaker similarity was also verified by calculating the cosine similarity between the embeddings of utterances. An automatic speech recognition (ASR) model is also used to provide a word error rate (WER) comparison between the real and synthetic child voices. The final trained TTS model was able to synthesize child-like speech from reference audio samples as short as 5 seconds.


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