Ada-BKB: Scalable Gaussian Process Optimization on Continuous Domain by Adaptive Discretization

by   Marco Rando, et al.

Gaussian process optimization is a successful class of algorithms (e.g. GP-UCB) to optimize a black-box function through sequential evaluations. However, when the domain of the function is continuous, Gaussian process optimization has to either rely on a fixed discretization of the space, or solve a non-convex optimization subproblem at each evaluation. The first approach can negatively affect performance, while the second one puts a heavy computational burden on the algorithm. A third option, that only recently has been theoretically studied, is to adaptively discretize the function domain. Even though this approach avoids the extra non-convex optimization costs, the overall computational complexity is still prohibitive. An algorithm such as GP-UCB has a runtime of O(T^4), where T is the number of iterations. In this paper, we introduce Ada-BKB (Adaptive Budgeted Kernelized Bandit), a no-regret Gaussian process optimization algorithm for functions on continuous domains, that provably runs in O(T^2 d_eff^2), where d_eff is the effective dimension of the explored space, and which is typically much smaller than T. We corroborate our findings with experiments on synthetic non-convex functions and on the real-world problem of hyper-parameter optimization.


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