Adaptive Contrast Test for Dose-Response Studies and Modeling

by   Masahiro Kojima, et al.

We propose a powerful adaptive contrast test with ordinal constraint contrast coefficients determined by observed responses. The adaptive contrast test can perform using easily calculated contrast coefficients and existing statistical software. We provide the sample SAS program codes of analysis and calculation of power for the adaptive contrast test. After the adaptive contrast test shows the statistically significant dose-response, we consider to select the best dose-response model from multiple dose-response models. Based on the best model, we identify a recommended dose. We demonstrate the adaptive contrast test for sample data. In addition, we show the calculation of coefficient, test statistic, and recommended dose for the actual study. We perform the simulation study with eleven scenarios to evaluate the performance of the adaptive contrast test. We confirmed the statistically significant dose-response for the sample data and the actual study. In the simulation study, we confirmed that the adaptive contrast test has higher power in most scenarios compared to the conventional method. In addition, we confirmed that the type 1 error rate of the adaptive contrast test was maintained at a significance level when there was no difference between the treatment groups. We conclude that the adaptive contrast test can be applied unproblematically to the dose-response study.


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