Adaptive Convolutional ELM For Concept Drift Handling in Online Stream Data

by   Arif Budiman, et al.

In big data era, the data continuously generated and its distribution may keep changes overtime. These challenges in online stream of data are known as concept drift. In this paper, we proposed the Adaptive Convolutional ELM method (ACNNELM) as enhancement of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) with a hybrid Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) model plus adaptive capability. This method is aimed for concept drift handling. We enhanced the CNN as convolutional hiererchical features representation learner combined with Elastic ELM (E^2LM) as a parallel supervised classifier. We propose an Adaptive OS-ELM (AOS-ELM) for concept drift adaptability in classifier level (named ACNNELM-1) and matrices concatenation ensembles for concept drift adaptability in ensemble level (named ACNNELM-2). Our proposed Adaptive CNNELM is flexible that works well in classifier level and ensemble level while most current methods only proposed to work on either one of the levels. We verified our method in extended MNIST data set and not MNIST data set. We set the experiment to simulate virtual drift, real drift, and hybrid drift event and we demonstrated how our CNNELM adaptability works. Our proposed method works well and gives better accuracy, computation scalability, and concept drifts adaptability compared to the regular ELM and CNN. Further researches are still required to study the optimum parameters and to use more varied image data set.


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