Adaptive-Multilevel BDDC algorithm for three-dimensional plane wave Helmholtz systems

by   Jie Peng, et al.

In this paper we are concerned with the weighted plane wave least-squares (PWLS) method for three-dimensional Helmholtz equations, and develop the multi-level adaptive BDDC algorithms for solving the resulting discrete system. In order to form the adaptive coarse components, the local generalized eigenvalue problems for each common face and each common edge are carefully designed. The condition number of the two-level adaptive BDDC preconditioned system is proved to be bounded above by a user-defined tolerance and a constant that is only dependent on the maximum number of faces and edges per subdomain and the number of subdomains sharing a common edge. The effectiveness of these algorithms is illustrated on benchmark problem. The numerical results show the robustness of our two-level adaptive BDDC algorithms with respect to the wave number, the number of subdomains and the mesh size, and appear that our multi-level adaptive BDDC algorithm can reduce the number of dofs at the coarse problem and can be used to solving large wave number problems efficiently.


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