AFDet: Anchor Free One Stage 3D Object Detection

by   Runzhou Ge, et al.
Horizon Robotics

High-efficiency point cloud 3D object detection operated on embedded systems is important for many robotics applications including autonomous driving. Most previous works try to solve it using anchor-based detection methods which come with two drawbacks: post-processing is relatively complex and computationally expensive; tuning anchor parameters is tricky. We are the first to address these drawbacks with an anchor free and Non-Maximum Suppression free one stage detector called AFDet. The entire AFDet can be processed efficiently on a CNN accelerator or a GPU with the simplified post-processing. Without bells and whistles, our proposed AFDet performs competitively with other one stage anchor-based methods on KITTI validation set and Waymo Open Dataset validation set.


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Export CenterPoint PonintPillars ONNX Model For TensorRT

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An anchor free method for pointcloud object detecion.

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