Age of Processing: Age-driven Status Sampling and Processing Offloading for Edge Computing-enabled Real-time IoT Applications

by   Rui Li, et al.

The freshness of status information is of great importance for time-critical Internet of Things (IoT) applications. A metric measuring status freshness is the age-of-information (AoI), which captures the time elapsed from the status being generated at the source node (e.g., a sensor) to the latest status update.However, in intelligent IoT applications such as video surveillance, the status information is revealed after some computation intensive and time-consuming data processing operations, which would affect the status freshness. In this paper, we propose a novel metric, age-of-processing (AoP), to quantify such status freshness, which captures the time elapsed of the newest received processed status data since it is generated. Compared with AoI, AoP further takes the data processing time into account. Since an IoT device has limited computation and energy resource, the device can choose to offload the data processing to the nearby edge server under constrained status sampling frequency.We aim to minimize the average AoP in a long-term process by jointly optimizing the status sampling frequency and processing offloading policy. We formulate this online problem as an infinite-horizon constrained Markov decision process (CMDP) with average reward criterion. We then transform the CMDP problem into an unconstrained Markov decision process (MDP) by leveraging a Lagrangian method, and propose a Lagrangian transformation framework for the original CMDP problem. Furthermore, we integrate the framework with perturbation based refinement for achieving the optimal policy of the CMDP problem. Extensive numerical evaluations show that the proposed algorithm outperforms the benchmarks, with an average AoP reduction up to 30


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