AI based approach to Trailer Generation for Online Educational Courses

by   Prakhar Mishra, et al.

In this paper, we propose an AI based approach to Trailer Generation in the form of short videos for online educational courses. Trailers give an overview of the course to the learners and help them make an informed choice about the courses they want to learn. It also helps to generate curiosity and interest among the learners and encourages them to pursue a course. While it is possible to manually generate the trailers, it requires extensive human efforts and skills over a broad spectrum of design, span selection, video editing, domain knowledge, etc., thus making it time-consuming and expensive, especially in an academic setting. The framework we propose in this work is a template based method for video trailer generation, where most of the textual content of the trailer is auto-generated and the trailer video is automatically generated, by leveraging Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques. The proposed trailer is in the form of a timeline consisting of various fragments created by selecting, para-phrasing or generating content using various proposed techniques. The fragments are further enhanced by adding voice-over text, subtitles, animations, etc., to create a holistic experience. Finally, we perform user evaluation with 63 human evaluators for evaluating the trailers generated by our system and the results obtained were encouraging.


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