Altered Fingerprints: Detection and Localization

by   Elham Tabassi, et al.
Michigan State University

Fingerprint alteration, also referred to as obfuscation presentation attack, is to intentionally tamper or damage the real friction ridge patterns to avoid identification by an AFIS. This paper proposes a method for detection and localization of fingerprint alterations. Our main contributions are: (i) design and train CNN models on fingerprint images and minutiae-centered local patches in the image to detect and localize regions of fingerprint alterations, and (ii) train a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to synthesize altered fingerprints whose characteristics are similar to true altered fingerprints. A successfully trained GAN can alleviate the limited availability of altered fingerprint images for research. A database of 4,815 altered fingerprints from 270 subjects, and an equal number of rolled fingerprint images are used to train and test our models. The proposed approach achieves a True Detection Rate (TDR) of 99.24 results. The altered fingerprint detection and localization model and code, and the synthetically generated altered fingerprint dataset will be open-sourced.


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