An Automated and Efficient Aerodynamic Design and Analysis Framework Integrated to PANAIR

by   Tahura Shahid, et al.

Aircraft design is an iterative process that requires an estimation of aerodynamic characteristics including drag and lift coefficients, stall behavior, velocity, and pressure profiles repeatedly, especially in the conceptual design phase. PanAir is a high-order aerodynamic panel method-based algorithm developed as a part of the Public Domain Aeronautical Software program mostly with NASA sponsorship. It is based upon potential flow theory and is used to numerically compute lift, induced drag, and moment coefficients of the aircraft in both subsonic and supersonic flight regimes. Quoting from developers it is the most versatile and accurate of all the linear theory panel codes. PanAir is a classical software that requires geometric data as an input in the form of a PanAir-compatible format; however, commonly used Computer-Aided Design Software packages no longer conform to the PanAir input format. Likewise, PanAir produces its output in a PanAir-specific output file which is not compatible with commonly used visualization software. The input geometry required by PanAir and its output, therefore, involves significant manual preand post-processing using intermediary software. The work proposed here is an automated pre and post-processor to be used together with PanAir. With the environment proposed in this work, manipulation of input and output data using several intermediary software to and from PanAir is bypassed successfully. The proposed environment is validated over a Cessna 210 aircraft geometry with a modified NLF (1)-0414 airfoil. The aircraft is numerically analyzed using PanAir together


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