An Efficient Construction Method Based on Partial Distance of Polar Codes with Reed-Solomon Kernel

by   Jianhan Zhao, et al.
Nankai University
Tianjin University

Polar codes with Reed-Solomon (RS) kernel have great potential in next-generation communication systems due to their high polarization rate. In this paper, we study the polarization characteristics of RS polar codes and propose two types of partial orders (POs) for the synthesized channels, which are supported by validity proofs. By combining these partial orders, a Partial Distance-based Polarization Weight (PDPW) construction method is presented. The proposed method achieves comparable performance to Monte-Carlo simulations while requiring lower complexity. Additionally, a Minimum Polarization Weight Puncturing (MPWP) scheme for rate-matching is proposed to enhance its practical applicability in communication systems. Simulation results demonstrate that the RS polar codes based on the proposed PDPW construction outperform the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) NR polar codes in terms of standard code performance and rate-matching performance.


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