An in silico-based review on anisotropic hyperelastic constitutive models for soft biological tissues

by   Hüsnü Dal, et al.

We review nine invariant and dispersion-type anisotropic hyperelastic constitutive models for soft biological tissues based on their fitting performance to experimental data from three different human tissues. For this, we used a hybrid multi-objective optimization procedure. A genetic algorithm is devised to generate the initial guesses followed by a gradient-based search algorithm. The constitutive models are then fit to a set of uniaxial and biaxial tension experiments conducted on tissues with differing fiber orientations. For the in silico investigation, experiments conducted on aneurysmatic abdominal aorta, linea alba, and rectus sheath tissues are utilized. Accordingly, the models are ranked with respect to an objec tive normalized quality of fit metric. Finally, a detailed discussion is carried out on the fitting performance of each model. This work provides a valuable quantitative comparison of various anisotropic hyperelastic models, the findings of which can aid those modeling the behavior of soft tissues in selecting the best constitutive model for their particular application.


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