An Isolated Data Island Benchmark Suite for Federated Learning

by   Yuan Liang, et al.

Federated learning (FL) is a new machine learning paradigm, the goal of which is to build a machine learning model based on data sets distributed on multiple devices–so called Isolated Data Island–while keeping their data secure and private. Most existing work manually splits commonly-used public datasets into partitions to simulate real-world Isolated Data Island while failing to capture the intrinsic characteristics of real-world domain data, like medicine, finance or AIoT. To bridge this huge gap, this paper presents and characterizes an Isolated Data Island benchmark suite, named FLBench, for benchmarking federated learning algorithms. FLBench contains three domains: medical, financial and AIoT. By configuring various domains, FLBench is qualified for evaluating the important research aspects of federated learning, and hence become a promising platform for developing novel federated learning algorithms. Finally, FLBench is fully open-sourced and in fast-evolution. We package it as an automated deployment tool. The benchmark suite will be publicly available from


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