Analog Feedback-Controlled Memristor programming Circuit for analog Content Addressable Memory

by   Jiaao Yu, et al.

Recent breakthroughs in associative memories suggest that silicon memories are coming closer to human memories, especially for memristive Content Addressable Memories (CAMs) which are capable to read and write in analog values. However, the Program-Verify algorithm, the state-of-the-art memristor programming algorithm, requires frequent switching between verifying and programming memristor conductance, which brings many defects such as high dynamic power and long programming time. Here, we propose an analog feedback-controlled memristor programming circuit that makes use of a novel look-up table-based (LUT-based) programming algorithm. With the proposed algorithm, the programming and the verification of a memristor can be performed in a single-direction sequential process. Besides, we also integrated a single proposed programming circuit with eight analog CAM (aCAM) cells to build an aCAM array. We present SPICE simulations on TSMC 28nm process. The theoretical analysis shows that 1. A memristor conductance within an aCAM cell can be converted to an output boundary voltage in aCAM searching operations and 2. An output boundary voltage in aCAM searching operations can be converted to a programming data line voltage in aCAM programming operations. The simulation results of the proposed programming circuit prove the theoretical analysis and thus verify the feasibility to program memristors without frequently switching between verifying and programming the conductance. Besides, the simulation results of the proposed aCAM array show that the proposed programming circuit can be integrated into a large array architecture.


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