AP-BSN: Self-Supervised Denoising for Real-World Images via Asymmetric PD and Blind-Spot Network

by   Wooseok Lee, et al.

Blind-spot network (BSN) and its variants have made significant advances in self-supervised denoising. Nevertheless, they are still bound to synthetic noisy inputs due to less practical assumptions like pixel-wise independent noise. Hence, it is challenging to deal with spatially correlated real-world noise using self-supervised BSN. Recently, pixel-shuffle downsampling (PD) has been proposed to remove the spatial correlation of real-world noise. However, it is not trivial to integrate PD and BSN directly, which prevents the fully self-supervised denoising model on real-world images. We propose an Asymmetric PD (AP) to address this issue, which introduces different PD stride factors for training and inference. We systematically demonstrate that the proposed AP can resolve inherent trade-offs caused by specific PD stride factors and make BSN applicable to practical scenarios. To this end, we develop AP-BSN, a state-of-the-art self-supervised denoising method for real-world sRGB images. We further propose random-replacing refinement, which significantly improves the performance of our AP-BSN without any additional parameters. Extensive studies demonstrate that our method outperforms the other self-supervised and even unpaired denoising methods by a large margin, without using any additional knowledge, e.g., noise level, regarding the underlying unknown noise.


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