Application of dimension truncation error analysis to high-dimensional function approximation

by   Philipp A. Guth, et al.

Parametric mathematical models such as partial differential equations with random coefficients have received a lot of attention within the field of uncertainty quantification. The model uncertainties are often represented via a series expansion in terms of the parametric variables. In practice, this series expansion needs to be truncated to a finite number of terms, introducing a dimension truncation error to the numerical simulation of a parametric mathematical model. There have been several studies of the dimension truncation error corresponding to different models of the input random field in recent years, but many of these analyses have been carried out within the context of numerical integration. In this paper, we study the L^2 dimension truncation error of the parametric model problem. Estimates of this kind arise in the assessment of the dimension truncation error for function approximation in high dimensions. In addition, we show that the dimension truncation error rate is invariant with respect to certain transformations of the parametric variables. Numerical results are presented which showcase the sharpness of the theoretical results.


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