Attentive Knowledge-aware Graph Convolutional Networks with Collaborative Guidance for Recommendation

by   Yankai Chen, et al.
Carnegie Mellon University
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

To alleviate data sparsity and cold-start problems of traditional recommender systems (RSs), incorporating knowledge graphs (KGs) to supplement auxiliary information has attracted considerable attention recently. However, simply integrating KGs in current KG-based RS models is not necessarily a guarantee to improve the recommendation performance, which may even weaken the holistic model capability. This is because the construction of these KGs is independent of the collection of historical user-item interactions; hence, information in these KGs may not always be helpful for recommendation to all users. In this paper, we propose attentive Knowledge-aware Graph convolutional networks with Collaborative Guidance for personalized Recommendation (CG-KGR). CG-KGR is a novel knowledge-aware recommendation model that enables ample and coherent learning of KGs and user-item interactions, via our proposed Collaborative Guidance Mechanism. Specifically, CG-KGR first encapsulates historical interactions to interactive information summarization. Then CG-KGR utilizes it as guidance to extract information out of KGs, which eventually provides more precise personalized recommendation. We conduct extensive experiments on four real-world datasets over two recommendation tasks, i.e., Top-K recommendation and Click-Through rate (CTR) prediction. The experimental results show that the CG-KGR model significantly outperforms recent state-of-the-art models by 4.0-53.2 Top-K recommendation and AUC on CTR prediction, respectively.


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