Baldur: Whole-Proof Generation and Repair with Large Language Models

by   Emily First, et al.

Formally verifying software properties is a highly desirable but labor-intensive task. Recent work has developed methods to automate formal verification using proof assistants, such as Coq and Isabelle/HOL, e.g., by training a model to predict one proof step at a time, and using that model to search through the space of possible proofs. This paper introduces a new method to automate formal verification: We use large language models, trained on natural language text and code and fine-tuned on proofs, to generate whole proofs for theorems at once, rather than one step at a time. We combine this proof generation model with a fine-tuned repair model to repair generated proofs, further increasing proving power. As its main contributions, this paper demonstrates for the first time that: (1) Whole-proof generation using transformers is possible and is as effective as search-based techniques without requiring costly search. (2) Giving the learned model additional context, such as a prior failed proof attempt and the ensuing error message, results in proof repair and further improves automated proof generation. (3) We establish a new state of the art for fully automated proof synthesis. We reify our method in a prototype, Baldur, and evaluate it on a benchmark of 6,336 Isabelle/HOL theorems and their proofs. In addition to empirically showing the effectiveness of whole-proof generation, repair, and added context, we show that Baldur improves on the state-of-the-art tool, Thor, by automatically generating proofs for an additional 8.7 65.7 research into using large language models for automating formal verification.


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