Bayesian Tensor Filtering: Smooth, Locally-Adaptive Factorization of Functional Matrices

by   Wesley Tansey, et al.

We consider the problem of functional matrix factorization, finding low-dimensional structure in a matrix where every entry is a noisy function evaluated at a set of discrete points. Such problems arise frequently in drug discovery, where biological samples form the rows, candidate drugs form the columns, and entries contain the dose-response curve of a sample treated at different concentrations of a drug. We propose Bayesian Tensor Filtering (BTF), a hierarchical Bayesian model of matrices of functions. BTF captures the smoothness in each individual function while also being locally adaptive to sharp discontinuities. The BTF model is agnostic to the likelihood of the underlying observations, making it flexible enough to handle many different kinds of data. We derive efficient Gibbs samplers for three classes of likelihoods: (i) Gaussian, for which updates are fully conjugate; (ii) Binomial and related likelihoods, for which updates are conditionally conjugate through Pólya--Gamma augmentation; and (iii) Black-box likelihoods, for which updates are non-conjugate but admit an analytic truncated elliptical slice sampling routine. We compare BTF against a state-of-the-art method for dynamic Poisson matrix factorization, showing BTF better reconstructs held out data in synthetic experiments. Finally, we build a dose-response model around BTF and show on real data from a multi-sample, multi-drug cancer study that BTF outperforms the current standard approach in biology. Code for BTF is available at


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