BeamSearchQA: Large Language Models are Strong Zero-Shot QA Solver

by   Hao Sun, et al.
Peking University

Open-domain question answering is a crucial task that often requires accessing external information. Existing methods typically adopt a single-turn retrieve-then-read approach, where relevant documents are first retrieved, and questions are then answered based on the retrieved information. However, there are cases where answering a question requires implicit knowledge that is not directly retrievable from the question itself. In this work, we propose a novel question-answering pipeline called eamSearchQA. Our approach leverages large language models(LLMs) to iteratively generate new questions about the original question, enabling an iterative reasoning process. By iteratively refining and expanding the scope of the question, our method aims to capture and utilize hidden knowledge that may not be directly obtainable through retrieval. We evaluate our approach on the widely-used open-domain NQ and WebQ datasets. The experimental results demonstrate that BeamSearchQA significantly outperforms other zero-shot baselines, indicating its effectiveness in tackling the challenges of open-domain question answering.


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