Blind Quality Assessment for Image Superresolution Using Deep Two-Stream Convolutional Networks

by   Wei Zhou, et al.

Numerous image superresolution (SR) algorithms have been proposed for reconstructing high-resolution (HR) images from input images with lower spatial resolutions. However, effectively evaluating the perceptual quality of SR images remains a challenging research problem. In this paper, we propose a no-reference/blind deep neural network-based SR image quality assessor (DeepSRQ). To learn more discriminative feature representations of various distorted SR images, the proposed DeepSRQ is a two-stream convolutional network including two subcomponents for distorted structure and texture SR images. Different from traditional image distortions, the artifacts of SR images cause both image structure and texture quality degradation. Therefore, we choose the two-stream scheme that captures different properties of SR inputs instead of directly learning features from one image stream. Considering the human visual system (HVS) characteristics, the structure stream focuses on extracting features in structural degradations, while the texture stream focuses on the change in textural distributions. In addition, to augment the training data and ensure the category balance, we propose a stride-based adaptive cropping approach for further improvement. Experimental results on three publicly available SR image quality databases demonstrate the effectiveness and generalization ability of our proposed DeepSRQ method compared with state-of-the-art image quality assessment algorithms.


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