Broadening the convergence domain of Seventh-order method satisfying Lipschitz and Hölder conditions

by   Akanksha Saxena, et al.

In this paper, the local convergence analysis of the multi-step seventh order method is presented for solving nonlinear equations assuming that the first-order Fréchet derivative belongs to the Lipschitz class. The significance of our work is that it avoids the standard practice of Taylor expansion thereby, extends the applicability of the scheme by applying the technique based on the first-order derivative only. Also, this study provides radii of balls of convergence, the error bounds in terms of distances in addition to the uniqueness of the solution. Furthermore, generalization of this analysis satisfying Hölder continuity condition is provided since it is more relaxed than Lipschitz continuity condition. We have considered some numerical examples and computed the radii of the convergence balls.


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