Can We Detect Mastitis earlier than Farmers?

by   Cathal Ryan, et al.

The aim of this study was to build a modelling framework that would allow us to be able to detect mastitis infections before they would normally be found by farmers through the introduction of machine learning techniques. In the making of this we created two different modelling framework's, one that works on the premise of detecting Sub Clinical mastitis infections at one Somatic Cell Count recording in advance called SMA and the other tries to detect both Sub Clinical mastitis infections aswell as Clinical mastitis infections at any time the cow is milked called AMA. We also introduce the idea of two different feature sets for our study, these represent different characteristics that should be taken into account when detecting infections, these were the idea of a cow differing to a farm mean and also trends in the lactation. We reported that the results for SMA are better than those created by AMA for Sub Clinical infections yet it has the significant disadvantage of only being able to classify Sub Clinical infections due to how we recorded Sub Clinical infections as being any time a Somatic Cell Count measurement went above a certain threshold where as CM could appear at any stage of lactation. Thus in some cases the lower accuracy values for AMA might in fact be more beneficial to farmers.


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