Capacitated Vehicle Routing with Target Geometric Constraints

by   Kai Gao, et al.

We investigate the capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP) under a robotics context, where a vehicle with limited payload must complete delivery (or pickup) tasks to serve a set of geographically distributed customers with varying demands. In classical CVRP, a customer location is modeled as a point. In many robotics applications, however, it is more appropriate to model such "customer locations" as 2D regions. For example, in aerial delivery, a drone may drop a package anywhere in a customer's lot. This yields the problem of CVRG (Capacitated Vehicle Routing with Target Geometric Constraints). Computationally, CVRP is already strongly NP-hard; CVRG is therefore more challenging. Nevertheless, we develop fast algorithms for CVRG, capable of computing high quality solutions for hundreds of regions. Our algorithmic solution is guaranteed to be optimal when customer regions are convex. Numerical evaluations show that our proposed methods significantly outperform greedy best-first approaches. Comprehensive simulation studies confirm the effectiveness of our methods.


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