CardsVR: A Two-Person VR Experience with Passive Haptic Feedback from a Deck of Playing Cards

by   Andrew Huard, et al.

Presence in virtual reality (VR) is meaningful for remotely connecting with others and facilitating social interactions despite great distance while providing a sense of "being there." This work presents CardsVR, a two-person VR experience that allows remote participants to play a game of cards together. An entire deck of tracked cards are used to recreate the sense of playing cards in-person. Prior work in VR commonly provides passive haptic feedback either through a single object or through static objects in the environment. CardsVR is novel in providing passive haptic feedback through multiple cards that are individually tracked and represented in the virtual environment. Participants interact with the physical cards by picking them up, holding them, playing them, or moving them on the physical table. Our participant study (N=23) shows that passive haptic feedback provides significant improvement in three standard measures of presence: Possibility to Act, Realism, and Haptics.


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