Case Study: Evaluation of a meta-analysis of the association between soy protein and cardiovascular disease

by   S. Stanley Young, et al.

It is well-known that claims coming from observational studies most often fail to replicate. Experimental (randomized) trials, where conditions are under researcher control, have a high reputation and meta-analysis of experimental trials are considered the best possible evidence. Given the irreproducibility crisis, experiments lately are starting to be questioned. There is a need to know the reliability of claims coming from randomized trials. A case study is presented here independently examining a published meta-analysis of randomized trials claiming that soy protein intake improves cardiovascular health. Counting and p-value plotting techniques (standard p-value plot, p-value expectation plot, and volcano plot) are used. Counting (search space) analysis indicates that reported p-values from the meta-analysis could be biased low due to multiple testing and multiple modeling. Plotting techniques used to visualize the behavior of the data set used for meta-analysis suggest that statistics drawn from the base papers do not satisfy key assumptions of a random-effects meta-analysis. These assumptions include using unbiased statistics all drawn from the same population. Also, publication bias is unaddressed in the meta-analysis. The claim that soy protein intake should improve cardiovascular health is not supported by our analysis.


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