CCCNet: An Attention Based Deep Learning Framework for Categorized Crowd Counting

Crowd counting problem that counts the number of people in an image has been extensively studied in recent years. In this paper, we introduce a new variant of crowd counting problem, namely "Categorized Crowd Counting", that counts the number of people sitting and standing in a given image. Categorized crowd counting has many real-world applications such as crowd monitoring, customer service, and resource management. The major challenges in categorized crowd counting come from high occlusion, perspective distortion and the seemingly identical upper body posture of sitting and standing persons. Existing density map based approaches perform well to approximate a large crowd, but lose important local information necessary for categorization. On the other hand, traditional detection-based approaches perform poorly in occluded environments, especially when the crowd size gets bigger. Hence, to solve the categorized crowd counting problem, we develop a novel attention-based deep learning framework that addresses the above limitations. In particular, our approach works in three phases: i) We first generate basic detection based sitting and standing density maps to capture the local information; ii) Then, we generate a crowd counting based density map as global counting feature; iii) Finally, we have a cross-branch segregating refinement phase that splits the crowd density map into final sitting and standing density maps using attention mechanism. Extensive experiments show the efficacy of our approach in solving the categorized crowd counting problem.


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