Channel Estimation for Hybrid Massive MIMO Systems with Adaptive-Resolution ADCs

by   Yalin Wang, et al.

Achieving high channel estimation accuracy and reducing hardware cost as well as power dissipation constitute substantial challenges in the design of massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. To resolve these difficulties, sophisticated pilot designs have been conceived for the family of energy-efficient hybrid analog-digital (HAD) beamforming architecture relying on adaptive-resolution analog-to-digital converters (RADCs). In this paper, we jointly optimize the pilot sequences, the number of RADC quantization bits and the hybrid receiver combiner in the uplink of multiuser massive MIMO systems. We solve the associated mean square error (MSE) minimization problem of channel estimation in the context of correlated Rayleigh fading channels subject to practical constraints. The associated mixed-integer problem is quite challenging due to the nonconvex nature of the objective function and of the constraints. By relying on advanced fractional programming (FP) techniques, we first recast the original problem into a more tractable yet equivalent form, which allows the decoupling of the fractional objective function. We then conceive a pair of novel algorithms for solving the resultant problems for codebook-based and codebook-free pilot schemes, respectively. To reduce the design complexity, we also propose a simplified algorithm for the codebook-based pilot scheme. Our simulation results confirm the superiority of the proposed algorithms over the relevant state-of-the-art benchmark schemes.


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