Chat Room Using HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, AJAX

by   Amey Thakur, et al.

Earlier there was no mode of online communication between users. In big or small organizations communication between users posed a challenge. There was a requirement to record these communications and store the data for further evaluation. The idea is to automate the existing Simple Chat Room system and make the users utilize the software so that their valuable information is stored digitally and can be retrieved for further management purposes. There was no online method of communicating with different users. There were many different interfaces available in the market but this method of using windows sockets to communicate between nodes would be fast and reliable. The main objective of our Simple Chat Room project is to create a chat application that helps different users to communicate with each other through a server connected. This is a simple chat program with a server and can have many clients. The server needs to be started first and clients can be connected later. Simple Chat Room provides bidirectional communication between client and server. It enables users to seamlessly communicate with each other. The user can chat using this chat application. If the user at the other end is active then they can start a chat session. The chat is recorded in this application.


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