CHOKeD: A Fair Active Queue Management System

by   Sanaullah Manzoor, et al.

Fairness is the significant factor to sustain best effort delivery of network services. Now-a-days, real-time multimedia applications have evolved largely over the Internet. Most of multimedia services are unresponsive during network congestion. Unresponsive traffic streams steal most network bandwidth and starve out some other flows which are responsive during network congestion. In the presence of these unresponsive traffic flows, protection of responsive flows has become a major issue. Many Active Queue Management (AQM) based solutions have been recommended to protect responsive traffic flows from unresponsive ones and to ensure fairness among all traffic flows. The thesis proposes a novel AQM scheme CHOKeD, to deliver fairness among all flows of a congested link. It is a completely stateless approach. CHOKeD is based on dynamic drawing factor to penalize unresponsive traffic. It successfully protects responsive flows in the presence of unresponsive flows. CHOKeD features such as fairness, high throughput of responsive traffic and stateless design, are encouraging factors for its deployment over the edge as well as the network core routers. Extensive simulations have been carried out to evaluate its performance under real-time network scenarios


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