Cloud-MANET and its Role in Software-Defined Networking

by   Tanweer Alam, et al.

The telecommunication networking technologies are changing day by day with the advancement of the existing technologies. In proposed 5G networks, the role of Software-defined networking (SDN) is to provide programmable networking and decoupling the control and data plane. SDN comes from the requirement for providing the dynamic, high speed with low latency connectivity in real-time. This requirement introduces a new framework for creating programmable networking, decoupling forwarding and controlling planes, flexible real-time network, virtualizations in networking for managing the complexities in 5G heterogeneous networking. The emergence of virtualization has become the most useful technology for creating virtual machines remotely and apply security rules using programmable hardware to control centrally. In this article, the author discussed the cloud-based mobile ad hoc network (Cloud-MANET or sometimes called C-MANET) in the architecture of SDN for 5G heterogeneous networks. The main idea of creating the CMANET mobility model in the SDN framework is to enable programmable networking and accessibility for the moving devices in the range of MANET and cloud connectivity. In the framework of SDN, the C-MANET mobility model implementation is not an easy task, but it can be a very useful contribution to add this model in the framework of SDN so that it provides the connection service in that location where internet or cellular networks are impossible or at the situation of a disaster, etc.


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