Cognitive UAV Communication via Joint Maneuver and Power Control

by   Yuwei Huang, et al.

This paper investigates a new spectrum sharing setting between unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and terrestrial wireless communication system, in which a cognitive/secondary UAV transmitter communicates with a ground secondary receiver (SR), in the presence of a number of primary terrestrial communication links that operate over the same frequency band. We exploit the UAV's mobility in three-dimensional (3D) space to improve the cognitive communication performance while controlling the co-channel interference at the primary receivers (PRs). First, we consider the quasi-stationary UAV scenario, in which the UAV is positioned at a static position during the communication period of interest. In this case, we jointly optimize the UAV's 3D position and power control to maximize the SR's achievable rate, subject to the UAV's altitude and transmit power constraints, and a set of interference temperature (IT) constraints at the PRs to protect their communications. Next, we consider the mobile UAV scenario, in which the UAV is dispatched to fly from an initial location to a final location within a given task period. We propose an efficient algorithm to maximize the SR's average achievable rate over this period by jointly optimizing the UAV's 3D trajectory and power control, subject to the additional UAV's maximum flying speed as well as initial/final location constraints. Finally, numerical results are provided to validate the performance of the proposed designs under different setups, as compared to benchmark schemes. It is shown that in the quasi-stationary scenario the UAV should be positioned at its minimum altitude, while in the mobile scenario the UAV should adjust its altitude along with horizontal trajectory, to maximize the SR's achievable rate under both scenarios.


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