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Communication-Efficient Online Federated Learning Framework for Nonlinear Regression

by   Vinay Chakravarthi Gogineni, et al.
University of Notre Dame
University of Hawaii

Federated learning (FL) literature typically assumes that each client has a fixed amount of data, which is unrealistic in many practical applications. Some recent works introduced a framework for online FL (Online-Fed) wherein clients perform model learning on streaming data and communicate the model to the server; however, they do not address the associated communication overhead. As a solution, this paper presents a partial-sharing-based online federated learning framework (PSO-Fed) that enables clients to update their local models using continuous streaming data and share only portions of those updated models with the server. During a global iteration of PSO-Fed, non-participant clients have the privilege to update their local models with new data. Here, we consider a global task of kernel regression, where clients use a random Fourier features-based kernel LMS on their data for local learning. We examine the mean convergence of the PSO-Fed for kernel regression. Experimental results show that PSO-Fed can achieve competitive performance with a significantly lower communication overhead than Online-Fed.


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