CoMP Transmission in Downlink NOMA-Based Cellular-Connected UAV Networks

by   HongGuang Sun, et al.
Singapore University of Technology and Design
Xidian University
NetEase, Inc

In this paper, we study the integration between the coordinated multipoint (CoMP) transmission and the non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) in the downlink cellular-connected UAV networks with the coexistence of aerial users (AUs) and terrestrial users (TUs). Based on the comparison of the desired signal strength to the dominant interference strength, the AUs are classified into CoMP-AUs and Non-CoMP AUs, where the former receives transmissions from two cooperative BSs, and constructs two exclusive NOMA clusters with two TUs, respectively. A Non-CoMP AU constructs a NOMA cluster with a TU served by the same BS. By leveraging the tools from stochastic geometry, we propose a novel analytical framework to evaluate the performance of the CoMP-NOMA based cellular-connected UAV network in terms of coverage probability, and average ergodic rate. We reveal the superiority of the proposed CoMP-NOMA scheme by comparing with three benchmark schemes, and further quantify the impacts of key system parameters on the network performance. By harvesting the benefits of both CoMP and NOMA, we prove that the proposed framework can provide reliable connection for AUs by using CoMP and enhance the average ergodic rate through NOMA technique as well.


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